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Lifepoint Church in Clarksburg West Virginia (http://www.chooselifepointe.com/)is an absolute joke.What a bunch of fake, self-righteous, over self absorbed morons who know nothing of Christianity.

It is without a doubt an occult. Their so called "pastors" ( actually probably only one went) have either been to Christian Colleges that are the joke of theological educational facilities, or even moreso. . .

simply "Apply" the name Pastor to their first name. I think if you attend more than once you can be Pastor "Insert Name Here." It's kinda humorous. If you're a so called "Pastor" and your married. .

. your wife is then called "Pastor." What a bunch of heretics/blasphemous. It doesn't stop there. THey all try to dress alike, have the same style (or lack there-of) clothes, hair etc.

One of their "Pastors" I believe his name is Jason Adams has hair that has to come in a separate vehicle because it's sooo big, is completely self-absorbed, AND get this. RUNS HIS "production" business OUT OF THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't Jesus explain that is WRONG clearly. (::Destroys Temple - Overturns tables::) It gets better.

The Lead Pastor Aaron - Takes scripture 100% out of context. Which is easy to do since he hardly opens a Bible. Whatever he feels like telling you is what comes out. He could take John 11:35 "Jesus Wept" and turn it into - "You should give the church money and speak in tongues because it's cool and if you don't Jesus will Cry." Ask him a pointed question about scripture and he stumbles around with nothing to say.

It's sad that people buy into this nonsense, and sadder yet that their fate is being led astray by people interested only in their own agenda, not in facilitating the salvation of others and encouraging a walk with Christ. Truth is. . .

they wouldn't know where to begin. Stay away! If you're there. ..

RUN AWAY. . .or you will soon be drinking Kool-Aid. Although it looks like everyone that attends is already drinking some kind of Kool-Aid.

They need help, they need prayer, they need God.

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Morrisville, North Carolina, United States #1320453

Anyone that attends Lifepointe Church in Clarksburg, WV or is thinking about trying it, needs to read this ..

. I have found that their lead pastor has lied about multiple situations in order to cover his wrongdoing. He is extremely narcissistic and uses the people under him to further his own kingdom. I have seen him smear the reputations of very good people.

I have also seen those same good people have to start their lives over and pick up all the pieces from the lies that were spoken about them. This has not only happened to one person, but multiple individuals over the years.

This pastor continues to speak lies in order to make himself and his ministry look like it is anointed by God.This is a very scary place to attend and I'm giving you a warning of truth.


I really don't know what to think very confused as I went to this church in Washington, PA not w.Va.it is the same Pastor Aaron is lead.

They just bought a church having moved from many locations, but no mention of W.Va. everyone was super nice but I did notice the Pastor was easily didtracted.

I did not pick it on anything remotely occult.But what bothers me is if this is th he same church why two locations.

to Anonymous Bridgeport, West Virginia, United States #1202758

I am pretty sure you are confused about these churches being connected.

to Anonymous #1202761

2 different churches


Here's something blatantly obvious.The people that comment and say they go there and love it and claim all rainbows, butterflies, one-love, drink the kool-aide, regurgitate the same nonsense and spiritual depth you'll get from Lifepointe.

Those that have been there, and comment on it's failures mostly back it up with the one thing that cannot be disputed. Scripture.

Here's your sign.

Run away.




Without going to this church or anything, I can clearly tell that whoever posted this 1) is a ***.2) has no idea what it means to be a Christian.

3) is whining really really bad over a not that big of an issue. If you don't like the church, go somewhere else.



I have been going to Lifepointe Church for almost a year now and I love it!It is nothing like some of the postings left here.

The worship is fantastic and you can feel the Holy Spirit all around you. Everyone is so nice inside and outside of Church. The pastors messages are spot on with the Word. The scripture is clearly posted throughout the message for all to read and follow along.

There is nothing being taken out of context that I have found so far. At the end of each service there is always a prayer for salvation for those who want to give there lives to Christ. The pastors dress in everyday clothes, nothing fancy. Riches and wealth are not the focus.

The message is preached that it is ok to have these things but it should not be your primary focus. These things are added blessings but we should not seek these things out for selfish reasons. The worship music is amazing but a little too loud for me. There is a younger crowd that this church is trying to reach out too and they love the music loud.

I can put up with loud music if it is drawing in the younger people. It is so wonderful to see them worship and get in touch with God. Everyone has been very nice to me and I have always felt welcome. This is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Pastor Aaron does an amazing job preaching the message that God asked him to preach on that week because he feels that it is for someone who needs to here something in particular from God right...

It is not a occult, this is a Bible believing church that loves, encourages and brings the Word of God alive. This is a good church and there is no Kool-Aid being passed around here. If you want to grow in your walk with God, follow along with the scriptures as they are being taught and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during worship time, this is the church for you. If you don't want these things then this is not the place for you.

There are a lot of good churches out there. You must remember that no church is perfect or full of perfect people. The only perfect person was Jesus. We go to church to learn the Word of God and to Worship God with all of our soul and spirit.

We don't go to judge others. We are not called to judge, that's God's job! I pray that all of you will find the right church home for you where you can learn, grow and worship God.

God will call you to the right church and you will know it when you are there.God bless you all!

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Wish I would have seen this sooner, I must agree with this post.I wish more people knew the atrocities of this church.

Not only do they call everyone Pastor, which is a blasphemy of the title, but they do not give that respect to people who have actually gone to theology school and ARE REAL pastors. They treat those people like trash. The church is not a church, they do not care for the poor and less fortunate. They want those people to stay out.

They closed the thrift outreach because they want to attract money and the things associated with it, not serve the community they live in. They are a clique not a church. They are controlled by a wealthy family and wealth matters to them. If you are not wealthy you should at least dress well and pretend, in their opinion.

They use people and misuse them. Rubbing the dirt from their shoes on the backs of the people who clean up after them, make things the way they want them to be. They have more than enough money to pay decent salaries and choose not to-for those they don't like/aren't part of their clique. I admit there are some religious groups who do good, this church is not one of them.

The problems started back when this was a word of faith church under another pastor and only got worst when the current administration took over. The current pastor is a man child who needs to realize 40 year old men should NOT wear A&E tee shirts with open sweaters. Especially if they want to be taken...

I don't think God would care about something like that. The main pastors wife seems to think this is something God does for her? Delusional. They preach at people and yet their own children dress like whores and are bullies to kids that they view as less than themselves.

If you want to have an experience similar to living in a rich gated community, then go here for services.

Don't go there expecting to find God or any type of compassion or humanity.They are fake, useless people and they are a smear to what most Christians want to be seen as.

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Correction to above - This church is in Clarksburg, WV, not Washington DC - but well said. I've been to that church and everything said above is correct!!! Well put!!

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